About Us

“I love these talented, brainy, hilarious ladies!” – Megan Powell

Rebecca Davey and Marie-Claire Marcotte launched BT Productions in 2012.

But they have been writing comedy in French and in English for BT’s sister company (Beaver Theatre Co.) since graduating from theatre school together in 2007. Their inaugural production, Xippie says: LOL, premiered at the Globe Theatre in Regina in 2008, and since then their shows have been performed in various festivals in Toronto as well as in site-specific venues across the city.

Always inspired by the multimedia aspect of theatre, On the Heated Floor marks their first entirely web-based project.

They are the writers, directors, producers and lead actors of On the Heated Floor. Sounds like a lot. It is…but this is what they’ve always done. They work until they cry and then work some more because they care passionately about telling great stories that make people laugh. They cry to make you laugh!

They have been working at this pace since theatre school, through Rebecca’s pregnancIES (yes, it’s true…there’s a number #2 coming!) and during months of separation (shows have taken MC across Canada). They have written everywhere together…in airports, hotel rooms, on kitchen floors!—every year, every show honing their skills, honing their comedy, honing their eavesdropping!

…culminating in ON THE HEATED FLOOR!