“You’re a beaver lodge of talent, chewing the scenery!” – Ian Nelson


Charlotte has been hairy since birth. She will probably never recover from being called ‘Chewbacca’…as a kid…as a teenager and actually yesterday. “Hey Chewy!” Besides having to wax every few days, having a slight addiction to the opposite sex and constantly tending to her cleanliness obsession, she’s a very well adjusted human being who dreams of one day owning her own bakery.


Beatrice wakes up every morning anticipating a wonderful day filled with eager grade nine minds. Mostly she just can’t wait to be the first one at school so she can: break into her student’s lockers, post anonymous notes of encouragement, congratulate herself on being such an original and committed teacher. Beatrice loves to love! Even the bowls of leftover spaghetti under her bed, in her closet and spread out across her bedroom floor have feelings. Isn’t Beatrice cute?


Big time brainiac, Jarrod is happiest when following a simple routine of cuddling with Beatrice and her cat followed by a good night’s sleep. High-stakes dreams in which snakes solve mathematical equations are his favorite!

Pierre-Antoine is a gym teacher. He’s suave with the ladies. Most of them don’t know that he sleeps with a teddy bear and is prone to sobbing. And the ones who do like him more for it. He’s…wonderful.


Amanda’s birth name is Joe. She is a Zumba teacher by day and seller of homemade necklaces (door to door) by night (from 4 to 7).


‘Kid’ is the mall orphan. She usually plays by the magic horses while eating chocolate chip bagels. If anyone has seen her parent…ummm…call us?