The Team

Produced by
BT Productions

Executive producer
Sameer Vasta

Associate Producers
Sylvie Bergeron
Roger Lepage
Michael Cheung

Rebecca Davey
Marie-Claire Marcotte

Marie-Claire Marcotte
Rebecca Davey
Dion Johnstone
Eric Toth
Justin Tensen
Elsie Alfred

Director of Photography
Mickey Dutta

2nd Camera DOP
Simon Alfred

Series Editor
Cam McLauchlin

Animation/Graphic Design
Shaw Kinjo

Sound Recordist
Ryan A. Moore

Sound Editing/Mixing
AJ McLauchlin

Stills Photographer
Timothy Clarke

Original Music
Felicity Williams
Daniel Primerano

Musical Support
Devin Newberry
Lauren Eyton Jones

Voice Coaches
Clifford Ward
Alex Weiner